Famous American Painters

If you are passionate about painting then you will definitely love our article as we will talk about some famous American painters. All of them remained in history and are wonderful examples these days for anyone who wants to work in this field. Therefore, scroll down to discover who these artists are.

Norman Rockwell

Rockwell was a prolific artist who produced over 4,000 artworks during his career. Most of them were created as cover illustrations of The Saturday Evening Post magazine. We can say that this artist is most famous for his illustrations of everyday life and for his patriotic depictions during World War II. Some of his most appreciated paintings were created in 1943 and are called ”Freedom from Fear”, ”Freedom from Want”, ”Freedom of Speech”, and ”Freedom of Worship”. Normal Rockwell has the most well-known as well as popular commercial artist of mid-20th century.

Jean Michael Basquiat

Jean Michael began his career as a graffiti artist. He and his friend Al Diaz started to spray painting graffiti on buildings in Manhattan, New York. All of their artworks receive the pseudonym SAMO, pseudonym that received media attention. Basquiat’s art focused on wealth and poverty, integration and segregation, as well as inner and outer experience. He is without a doubt the most famous American artist of the Neo-expressionism movement. Unfortunately, he died at the age of only 27, of heroin overdose.

Edward Hopper

Edward Hopper’s artworks were made with the intention to reveal the solitude of modern life. In plus, he forces the viewer to actually play an active role in completing the narrative of his artworks. Critics say about this artist that he painted an extremely revealing painting of 20th century America, a lot more revealing than any other artist. One of the most recognizable paintings in the history of American art is one made by Edward Hopper and called Nighthawks.

Mark Rothko

Mark Rothko immigrated to America with his entire family when he was still a child. During his career he moved from a style to another. This painter is famous due to the fact that the colors that he used had a style within Abstract Expressionism. Even though art critics called him like that, he insisted that he wasn’t an abstractionist. He said that his first focus was discovering mysticism as well as esoteric aspects of colors and their endless combinations. There is no doubt that Mark made a monumental contribution to abstract art and he left several artworks that will definitely inspire many painters.

Keith Haring

We also want to mention in our article, this graffiti artist who started his career doing cartooning as a hobby. Haring arrived in New York City in 1978 and produces thousands of public drawings and dozens of murals in South America, Australia, and Europe. He had his first exhibition in 1981. Keith Haring is today considered one of the most renowned graffiti artists in America due to the fact that he brought the elements from the ”low art” to ” high art”.

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