Famous Paintings by American Artists

If you are passionate about art then you will definitely find very interesting our article. We will show you some of the most famous paintings by American artists who made history. Therefore, take a seat and enjoy it!

Jack the Dripper

One of the most popular forms of abstract art is drip painting. In this process the paint is actually poured onto the canvas instead of being carefully applied as it happens in most cases. The famous painting called Jack the Dripper was made by Jackson Pollock, a well-known American abstract art, the second best in his branch after the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky. The name wasn’t chosen by the painter but by the TIME magazine. It was created in 1948 and it is the most expensive painting ever sold by this artist.

Campbell’s Soup Cans

This is another famous work of art made by one of the best American artists, Andy Warhol. This painting made him the most well-known artist of the Pop Art movement. It consists of not more and not less than 32 canvases and it has a non-painterly style. Campbell’s Soup Cans caused offense at that time as it affronted the technique as well as the philosophy of Abstract Expressionism.

Portrait of Madame X

Portrait of Madame X was made by John Singer Sargent, an American artist residing in Paris at the time he painted this stunning work of art. The portrait was first exhibited in 1884 at the Paris Salon, and it caused uproar. It was considered by many critics quite provocative. Due to the fact that there was a scandal because of the painting, Sargent had to leave Paris and move to London. However, the painting became later one of the most admired as well as renowned portraits in western art.

Whistler ‘s Mother

The painting was created by James McNeil Whistler who was an influencial American artist of the late 19th century. He strongly believed that true art is ”complete in itself”. The painting is without a doubt an amazing work of art, unique and extremely profound. It represents his mother, Anna McNeil Whistler, who has been called a Victorian Mona Lisa. The name of the painting was initially Arranged in Grey and Black, but the artist didn’t like it and he didn’t like also the fact that most people saw it as a portrait.

American Gothic House

This is a painting made after a house that exists in Eldon, Iowa. The construction is designed in a stunning Rural Gothic style. The painter, Grant Wood was so impressed by it that he decided to paint it, and well he did. He is famous in America due to its depictions of rural American Midwest. After he obtained the permission from the residents of the house, he made a sketch of the building, and then he painted it along with a wonderful text ”the type of people I like should live in that house”. American Gothic House was submitted to the annual exhibition, in 1930, at the Art Institute of Chicago, where it received the bronze medal. There is no doubt that this painting is among the most recognized paintings in America, from the 20th century.

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